Our teachers are trained and registered with one or several registrable bodies, IMTTA, Yoga Australian and Yoga Alliance. They share the benefits they have personally received through regular meditation and yoga practice. 

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Susanne Jones

Meditation Teacher
General Yoga Teaching

Susanne has been practicing yoga & meditation since she was a teenager. First introduced to yoga and meditation as 'sport' in high school, she has since attended classes and retreats with many teachers and schools of both yoga and meditation. 

Susanne has a strong earth-based spiritualist focus to her life which she combines with her understanding of Buddhist teaching to create a dynamic style.

12 years ago she began yoga practice more vigorously first in a gym and then with teachers of Iyengar Yoga.

 Her meditation practice continued to strengthen, and in 2012 as she approached retirement from the Department of Education, Susanne was inspired to open the Meditation Space so there was a place in Campbelltown that offered what she wanted.

Susanne offers counselling and as a Death Doula and end of life consultant.

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Victoria Waldran Hahn

Remedial Yoga
Senior Yoga

Victoria has a life long interest in yoga, having personally experienced the vast health benefits that come with a consistent yoga & meditation practice.  With almost 20 years of teaching experience, her life’s journey is to share this with others.  

Classes focus on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of yoga. We start with strength, flexibility, alignment and stress reduction and this leads gradually to the more subtle changes that make yoga transformational. 

Victoria’s classes are inclusive to a broad range of student needs, providing for beginners, experienced practitioners as well as people who have long standing illness or physical challenges. 

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Lesa Kennedy

Vinyasa Yoga

Lesa has worked in special education for 15 years. She began introducing yoga to the students at school 2 years ago, finding that it taught them to use the practice and breath to reduce anxiety as well as for fitness and strength.

 Lesa has been practicing yoga on a personal level for 9 years, teaching vinyasa flow for 2 years. Lesa's teaching style has evolved into flow, connecting to the breath because through our breath we can calm our minds and our bodies.

Her personal spiritual journey began 20 years ago, feeling passionate in the need to share all that she has learned along the way in an effort to help others find a sense of peace in a progressively busy world which demands so much of us, taking us further away from our personal truth. Coming together through yoga, we build a collective energy creating Peace and harmony within ourselves .

"To change the world we must first change ourselves".

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Dru Yoga

Yoga is my passion. I teach a soft and gentle style of yoga called Dru, it is suitable for all ages and body types. And you don't need to be able to touch your toes. 
If you ever thought you could never attend a yoga class due to your size or fitness levels. I would like to invite you to join me in one of my classes. I approach all my classes with kindness and compassion.
I am a larger lady who has had spinal surgery, I understand what it's like to have limitations.After my surgery i could not put my own shoes on. Slowly because of Dru I grew in confidence and core strength
Through my classes you will learn...
-To listen to your body
- Deep relaxation techniques
- How to reduce stress and tension
- Breathing to ease the mind and body 
All through soft, gentle and flowing movements.
Dru yoga has changed my life with it's soft and flowing movements, the journey to become a qualified teacher and now share my knowledge is a  gift i will always be thankful for.


Jessica Greenland

Tai Chi
Qi Gong
Meditation Teacher

Contact Jessica directly for Tai Chi and Qi Gong Classes

Jessica Greenland is an Energetic explorer, healer, teacher, student, weaver and wonderer. 

Sharing through the vessel of ‘Rainbow Dragon’, based at The Meditation Space, Campelltown. Jessica offers classes in Tai Chi and QiGong. Two Ancient systems of Chinese martial & medical arts, for physical-mental-emotional balance and elevation of spirit. 

 After over 7 years of loving practice in these arts, Jessica is now a certified ‘Sifu’-Instructor. The classes are small and intimate, allowing for deeper learning and journeying together.

Jessica has a close relationship and appreciation for Tai Chi & QiGong, and has great knowing and belief of their capacity to heal and help one through their life path. Jessica also teaches and passes attunements for Reiki. Another Ancient energetic art. Reiki is the vibration of Unconditional Love, and an attunement re awakens our natural connection to this source of light – for healing and re-aligning with truth and self.

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Sarah Gillett

Tai Chi
Chakra Dance Facilitator
Meditation Teacher

Sarah has been meditating and exploring a range of personal development and healing modalities for 25 years. The mainstays of her regular practices are mindfulness meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, music, and dance.

Sarah is a certified Meditation Teacher, Chair Yoga Instructor, Holistic Counsellor and an accredited Chakradance Facilitator. She is also a Sifu in training in Qigong and Tai Chi, under the mentorship of Jessica Greenland and Dorothy Greenland.  

Sarah is passionate about teaching and helping people realise their potential. She brings a calm and grounded energy to her classes creating a safe and welcoming space. Her aim is to help you develop the skill of meditation, to learn how to fully relax body and mind and to immerse in the wonder of this life with your whole being.

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Sal Lavallee

Meditation Teacher
Art Therapist

Sal from Bogong Moth Art is an Artist, a qualified Meditation Teacher and experienced workshop facilitator. She is a Ngarigo Buhlung (Ngarigo woman) from the Ngarigo/ Yuin nations – Ngarigo is her Grandmothers country, the Snowy River Region NSW and Victoria ;Yuin from her Grandfathers country, South Coast NSW.

Sal's art is inspired by traditional Ngarigo art that was taught to her by her uncle and studied Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Practices, but her interpretation and style is very contemporary. Inspired by stories from her Grandmother and Grandfather’s country and also her own personal spiritual experience and understandings. 

In 2012 Sal was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, art gave her a way to connect to her spirituality, the land and ancestors while stuck in hospital for many months during treatment. This has given Sal deep insight into the therapeutic benefits of Art and Meditation and has lead her to learning Art therapy, Meditation and bringing her knowledge and experience to the community via her workshops and classes.

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Liga Waters

Meditation Teacher
Yoga Teacher

Liga is sharing through 'Finding Peace with Liga' where she offers meditation/chair yoga classes and holistic counselling sessions. She has completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Byron Yoga Centre. Her spiritual journey began over 5 years ago when she first found yoga. At the time she was in her last year of study to be a primary school teacher, but she knew instantly yoga was what she wanted to teach. She began to deepen her knowledge through the study of yogic and buddhist philosophy, a dedicated practice and study of the self.

Through her own challenges facing trauma, anxiety, depression and a range of physical health issues, Liga has developed a deep understanding of how trauma and stress have a holistic impact on your life. She deeply and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others, and strives to help people live their lives with greater ease, joy, love and peace.