Monday Morning Meditation

Monday Morning Meditation

from 17.00

  • 10:00 am 11:30 am

  • There are many kinds of Meditation Practices, not 1 size fits all.

    In a busy life, we do not always have hours to sit and meditate. It is not always practical to burn candles or incense or sage; sit cross-legged in the lotus position with your hands holding a mudra whilst chanting, in a dimly lit quiet place. If you are able to do any of this, that is fabulous.

    However, for many having those expectations means they do not meditate. In reality, you can meditate whilst showering, walking, sitting on the train, in the park, driving… anywhere, anytime. The optimum length of time is 20 mins, but research shows 2 minutes of meditation can be beneficial.

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