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Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi & Workshops in Campbelltown

NDIS Shop 22 HUB

We will be offering a range of activities for people who have NDIS Plan Managed or Self Managed packages to use their funding.

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Quality programs

for Social And Community Participation

About Shop 22 Hub

Shop 22 Hub is part of The Meditation Space. TMS has a reputation for offering quality programs to the community. At the Shop 22 Hub we offer a range of quality activities for people who have NDIS Plan Managed or Self Managed packages to use their funding. The activities focus on building skills and capacity in a relaxed social atmosphere. Experienced facilitators and a variety of activities ensure a rich and engaging program.

Please register your expression of interest here

Enquiries : 0410453725


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At the Meditation Space – Shop 22 Hub you can participate in recreational pursuits that can support you to meet your goals for social and community participation, health and well being and independent living skills.

We specialise in supporting adults of all ages and abilities to be their full selves. If you enjoy participating in group activities, or wish to build on your capacity to do so, we are offering a range of  activities that might suit you.

We are also open to know what you might like in the future - don’t hesitate to contact us about what we are offing , possibilities and how we can help you.

Outline of Activites

Outline of Activites

Supporting community and social participation through a range of engaging group activites


  • Growing flowers, herbs and vegetables. Learn to make a garden in pots.

  • Enjoy growing your own plants for recreation and for food.

  • Support to develop skills in organistion, working with others, sutainable living

ART & CRAFT journal making and more

  • Access creative skills verbal and visual communication skills

  • Use art to explore and express ideas through journal making and more

  • Explore new possibilities for hobbies and recreation

  • Create and exhibit artworks

GAMES and Library

  • Unstructured, supervised games area, Wii, board-games and puzzles with a library of books to read and chill out.

  • Games provide excellent opportunites for social interaction

  • Improve and practise communication skills


  • Assist making tea and coffee

  • Keeping kitchen clean

  • Collecting sandwiches from shop

  • Develop social interaction skills


  • Friendships and group work

  • Developing relationships

  • Join activities based on your interests

  • Connecting with other people

  • Proactive behaviour and speaking up for yourself


  • Relaxation and meditation techniques

  • Participate in a group activity


  • Sew on a button, take up a hem, crotchet and knit. Bring an old project or start a new one

  • Learn skills to repair clothes


  • For Aboriginal recipients of the NDIS -with Ngarigo woman Sal Lavellee

  • Use art to explore and express ideas that are culturally relevant

HEALTH and WELLBEING activities

  • Take part in exercise classes being in a group with others

  • TAI CHI - upstairs 11 Patrick Street – with Jess Greenland well known and loved from Harmony House

  • CHAIR YOGA Stretch and move supported in a chair fun! With Sal Lavellee

  • YACK AND YOGA - with Victoria Waldran-Hahn - upstairs 11 Patrick Street gentle remedial yoga followed by a cuppa and a chat.


  • Quite space for meditation, relaxation and chill out


  • Use public transport for independent transport skills -close to transport, shops and coffee shops

  •  Learn new skills for independent living and recreation and leisure

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ARTS AND CRAFTS - Shop22 Artspace with Kim Townsend

Kim's training in Neurolinguistic Programming,Holistic Counselling and as a Meditation Teacher, equips her to deliver her passion of supporting others to get the most out of life and to achieve their goals. Her experience as a mother of three, and working in general nursing and aged care, hospitality, sales, Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation, the EducationDepartment, Personal Development and events, provides a wealth of knowledge to draw from and connect to. Growing up in a creative family, she loves to infuse everything she does with fun, creativity and play. Kim is authentic, resilient, compassionate and walks her talk. She is a master of finding calm in chaos. Arts and crafts have always been a part of Kim's life. Her grandfather was in the"rag trade" and sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, tapestry…you name it, Kim did it, as her mum owned a haberdashery business. Later she included decoupage, paper tolle, twilling, hobby ceramics, paper making which she made greeting cards with.

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GARDENING Shop 22 Ally - with Tao Hahn

Tao studied Environmental Engineering at Wollongong University, completed Cert IV in Training and Assessment and attained certification in the Urban Master Gardening course. He has a passion for gardening and the environment. Tao has spent many years creating his own sustainable, organic home garden and ran his own environmental company for 12 years. He currently works as a professional gardener and school general assistant. He has worked with Macarthur Centre for Sustainability (both as a volunteer and professionally):gardening, environmental education and running tours. He also spent time with Wollongong TAFE as an educator in the Environmental Department. As part of his time there he had the pleasure of partnering with Flagstaff Industries in Unanderra, assisting people working with a disability to attain their Cert I in Sustainability,Interpersonal work skills, and various Waste Management related units.

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YACK AND YOGA - upstairs 11 Patrick Street -with Victoria Waldran -Hahn

Victoria has almost 20 years of teaching experience. Her classes are inclusive to a broad range of student needs, providing for beginners, experienced practitioners as well as people who have long standing illness or physical challenges

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TAI CHI - upstairs 11 Patrick Street – with Jess Greenland

Jess teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong, she has 7 years of loving practice in these arts, Jess is a certified ‘Sifu’-Instructor. The classes are small and intimate, allowing for deeper learning and journeying together. Jess is well known and loved from Harmony House


GAMES AND LIBRARY Shop22 with Daniel Watts

Daniel is an digital artist . He brings a background in working with NDIS participants in a variety of settings. He is wise and compassionate.


HOSPITALITY Shop22 with Claudia Cantellano

Claudia has a background in retail and aged care. She loves working with people and sharing hospitality skills she has learned over the years of working and raising a family.

She has training and personal experience in mental health.


RELAXATION Shop22 ChillOut Space

With trained meditation teacher.


Coordination - Susanne Jones

Susanne is the Director and founder of the Meditation Space in Campbelltown. She has 20 years nursing experience, 18 years Art Teaching experience and has been teaching yoga, meditation and self development for 7 years. She is a skilled and compassionate facilitator and is excited to be offering this service to the community.


Make an expression of interest

Shop 22 NDIS Terms and Conditions:

Participants must register expression of interest. When we have enough people registered to run the activity we will contact participants (or support co-ordinator) with starting date and service agreement.

Participants can sign up for the whole day (4 hours) or for individual sessions. 5 week blocks are preferred. Pre booking is essential.

If participants register for either a day-pass or a session , they will be charged for the whole time even if they leave early or do not show up. 24 hour cancellation is acceptable.

NOT an NDIS participant and you would like to attend a session? You can also apply with an expression of interest. The same conditions apply re attendance and cancellation. If there are a lot of registrations reference will be given to NDIS participants.


Please complete the form below to register your expression of interest.

Please include the activity you wish to attend and the day ( if known). We will then send another form where you can complete the details required for the service agreement.

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