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Body of a Goddess: Body Positivity as Devotional Work

  • 11 Patrick Street Campbelltown NSW Australia (map)

For centuries our bodies have been commodified and told how to exist in order to be valued. These negative messages pervade our patriarchal, capitalist, colonised society from advertising to cultural norms, resulting in living in perpetual struggle with our bodies. This negative relationship with our bodies affects every aspect of our lives including our relationship with the Goddess and Higher Self.

This workshop will introduce Body Positivity as an antidote to foster a positive or at least neutral relationship with our body and honour the unconditional love of the Goddess.

Using magical processes, we will enter a ceremony of celebration of our bodies. Communing with our higher self, our inner Goddess and praising the inseparable nature of our physical being, our spirit and God herself.

We do this work with love for ourselves and for each other. Acknowledging the beauty of our bodies and spirit. Accessing and activating our inner Goddess, our wild self, reconnecting our mind and spirit with our bodies and learning body positivity as an act of devotion to Goddess in all her forms and understand that we all have the body of a Goddess.

Open and welcoming to all people of all genders and gender identities.

About Kristie Stamford

Kristie was born on Dharawal land close to the first stop on Captain Cook’s Colonising adventures down under. A devotee to Aphrodite and Persephone Kristie is also a member of the Wiccan based group Applegrove. She has been involved in organising many Pagan gatherings within Sydney and surrounds including the 2017 Australian Wiccan Conference.

Kristie was introduced to the concepts of Fat Acceptance and Body Positivity by a friend in her late 20s which was instrumental in recovering from long term chronic depression. Since then she has been reclaiming her body, connecting with many other Body Positive Babes, rediscovering joy and deepening her connection with the Divine.

She is deeply passionate about creating an inclusive world that values all human life and engaging in the sacred work that leads to this Utopian ideal.

About Sal Lavallee

Sal Lavallee’ from ‘Bogong Moth Art and Holistic Services’ is an experienced workshop facilitator and ritualist, a Ngarigo Buhlung (Ngarigo woman) from the Ngarigo and Yuin nations – Ngarigo is her Grandmothers country, from the Snowy Mountains Region NSW to Victoria and Yuin from her Grandfathers country, South Coast NSW.

Sal’s calling to the Goddess and her mysteries started as a teenager and has led her on a diverse yet totally whole spiritual path. Ngarigo Aboriginal Spirituality being her foundation and the thread which weaves through her spiritual identity as a Witch and Priestess.

Sal became aware of Fat-Activism and the Body Positively movement when her friend shared their Body Positive FATshion blog with her in 2012, the same year Sal was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. Her body underwent the extreme trauma of having intensive chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant whereby Sal discovered that loving her body in all it’s changing shapes, health and abilities is a sacred act of devotion.

Fee: Donation of $25

What to bring?:

  • Please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share.

  • You may like to bring a journal and it is a good idea to bring a water bottle too.

  • Welcome to bring items for the altar.