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Beltane @ Campbelltown Community Labyrinth ( Hurley Park)

Celebrate the PAGAN Wheel of the Year - all welcome

Gathering in the Reclaiming Tradition

Join us for the turning of the wheel as we celebrate the fire festival of Beltane!

Beltane is celebrated at the peak of Spring, at the cross-quarter between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It is a celebration of the returning sun, fruitfulness, love, union and fertility. It is a great time of year to form or devise plans or ideas.

Old Beltane festivities involved fire which was thought to cleanse, purify and increase fertility. Cattle were often passed between two fires and the properties of the flame and the smoke was seen to ensure the fertility of the herd.

Many who observe the festival today celebrate the God (to whom the Goddess gave birth at the Winter Solstice) achieves the strength and maturity to court and become a lover to the Goddess and their union is celebrated with great joy.

There is no fee to attend; however donations are welcome, a small $10 donation will help us to continue holding these community gatherings at The Meditation Space.