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Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi & Workshops in Campbelltown


We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 12 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need.


Yoga After work

5pm – 6:30pm

Corrine Starks

Relax and unwind after work. Classic Hatha Yoga asanas and correct body alignment. Relaxation. Suitable for beginners and intermediate level students.

Introductory Yoga

7pm – 8:30pm

Victoria Waldran-Hahn

Designed as an introduction to yoga . Suitable for beginners or if you have not done yoga for a while.

There are also other classes suitable for beginners

Dru Yoga

Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00pm

Debbie Clayton

If you have ever wanted to try yoga and thought you could never manage the poses. please come and experience Deb’s soft and gentle yoga class. No matter your size or fitness abilities

General Yoga

Tuesday and Saturday 9:30am – 11am

Susanne Jones, Victoria Waldran-Hahn

Focuses on classic Hatha Yoga asanas and correct body alignment. Suitable for beginners and intermediate level students


Remedial and Gentle Yoga

Wednesday Morning
9:30am – 11am

Victoria Waldran-Hahn

Remedial Yoga is for people who, through sickness, injury or other physical restrictions feel that a regular yoga class is too much for their bodies.

Intermediate Yoga

Wednesday Evening
7am – 8:30am

Victoria Waldran-Hahn

Beyond beginners this class begins to open the possibility of more advanced asanas and inversion. Not suitable for beginners.


Every Day
6pm – 6:45pm

 If you want to learn to meditate this is a possible option for you.

 Each evening is a different teacher who will present their wisdom from a range of techniques and styles.  All our teachers are trained by The Meditation Teachers Training College and have accreditation with IMTTA .

Body Positive Yoga

Friday Morning
10:00am – 11:30am

Debbie Clayton

Dru Yoga class with emphasis on body positivity

Suitable for all levels


Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Mondays 11-12am
Contact Dorothy 0418 498 632

Friday Midday 12:30pm –1:30pm

Thursday & Friday Evening 6pm – 7pm Contact Jess 0426 708 840 

Tai Chi has been described as moving meditation and a "dance between Yin and Yang" that calms and balances the mind, body & spirit.

Little Rainbows - Moving Meditation and Mindfulness  for children 5-10yrs 

5pm – 5:45pm

Sarah Gillett

Fun and structured classes help develop physical and emotional awareness. Building strength and confidence. Connecting heart mind and body to foster healthy happy creative and resilient children.

Call 0416 006 142 to book


Meditation Classes

Drop in , Classes , Courses. We teach a range of techniques because we know one meditation technique does not suit everyone. Our meditation classes are not affiliated with any religious group though we do acknowledge the wisdom of the Buddhist and Vedic traditions from which we draw. We aim to make meditation and mindfulness accessible to everybody.


Monday Morning Meditation

10 – 11:30am

With Kim Townsend

Learn the science behind the need for meditation and how meditation benefits your health.

Sample a variety of relaxation and meditation practices, that you can pick and choose from, that resonate with you, or just suit your situation and location.

As Dr Seuss might say, "you can meditate on the train, on a plane or in the rain".

Beyond the app- Mindfulness Meditation-

1 – 2pm

Susanne Jones

Beyond the app. We acknowledge the value of apps and recommend them but sitting with a group is something else. Regular practice of mindfulness meditation in a group helps to deepen and strengthen your practise. And you can ask questions to clarify the technique. Start your weekend in a Mindful way.

Beginners Meditation

Tuedays 6 week Course

Sal Lavellee

This is a 6 week course that will introduce you to the basics of meditation. At the end of the course you will understand the “how to” of meditation. You will be well on your way to creating a peaceful life supported by your regular practise. 7pm classes lasts for an hour and half.

Starts October 29

Drop in Meditation

Every Day
6 – 6:45pm

Donation Class
 If you want to learn to meditate this is a possible option for you.

 Each evening is a different teacher who will present their wisdom from a range of techniques and styles.  All our teachers are trained by The Meditation Teachers Training College and have accreditation with IMTTA .

No need to book.

Susanne Meditating

Susanne Meditating

Why Meditate?

You're here which means you have a curiosity about how meditation might assist and enhance wellbeing and quality of life - yay to you! 

The benefits of meditation are widely publicised and accessible to everyone - and we couldn't be more thrilled as we start to see more people looking to meditation for management of every day stresses and chronic illness. There is a growing body of research that a regular meditation practice can help reduce stress and alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

Learning to train the mind and focus attention is crucial to thriving and cultivating peak performance in any endeavour. Neuroscience has shown us that meditation practiced regularly has positive benefits both physically and mentally. 


Choosing your starting class

We offer a range of classes, from specialised beginner classes to advanced sits. It is a personal choice where you start so when deciding, you may want to consider:

  • A time you can commit to each week.

  • We offer regular beginners classes in the evenings

  • Weekend Workshops

  • Would you like to learn about the foundations of meditation and try different techniques each week? Our Living Mindfulness course will be just what you're looking for.

  • FREE sessions 7 days a week 6-645pm learn the basics, get a taste of who we are before you commit to a longer course

woman meditating at the meditation space.jpg

Keeping Meditation Simple

If you CAn BREATH you CAN MeditatE

In our classes we provide a space to learn and practice the techniques of breath awareness meditation, walking meditation, loving kindness meditation and other techniques to help you develop your own practice. We offer short courses for specific needs such as beginners, stress & anxiety and our popular Living Mindfulness 8 week program. We also offer courses online for those who cannot make it to Campbelltown. You don't need to bring anything with you to class, we have plenty of cushions, blankets and water available for you.

If you can breathe, you can meditate

All classes are led by trained teachers who will help you relax. Our goal is to keep it simple and interesting so that you will want to meditate.The more you practice the better the results. We welcome beginners and experienced meditators alike and encourage a community feel to all classes. If you want to be able to focus, access calm, meditation can help.

Attending your meditation class

  • Phones : We ask you to turn your phones off, or on silent for the duration of the class. 

  • Quiet Please: Please try to observe noble silence inside the room before or after the class. This means that we ask you to refrain from chattering as you approach and are in the class. 

  • Shoes: Please check your shoes outside the classroom before entering.

  • Be early: Please arrive 10 minutes early for class. We start on time, if you are unavoidably late just fold into the class quietly.

  • Wait to enter the room: Please wait until the doors are open before entering the room. We have many classes at the Space, and want to provide everyone a good experience. 

  • What to bring to class

    At the Meditation Space, we want to make meditation easy and accessible to everyone. Coming to your first class, you may be curious about what to bring. We can almost guarantee most of the people in your class feel the same way. 

    Here is what you need to bring to your meditation class:

    • An open mind

    • A commitment to sitting still

    • A smile

    We supply cushions, bolsters and chairs for people who find sitting on the floor uncomfortable or impractical. We have plenty of water and blankets also on board. 

Practice, practice, practice

Beautiful and often surprising things happen when you practice meditation regularly.  These are some of the little gifts our students have told us about. 

  • Those small irritations may not bother you as much.

  • When you are with your family and friends, work or socially, you are actually there.

  • You get more done & you notice how clear your decision making has become.

  • Your conversations, friendships and relationships go a little deeper.

  • You could tap into your life’s purpose, transforming your life.