Our story


The Meditation Space,  Campbelltown is open to anyone who wants to learn the practice of meditation or yoga.

Our teachers are all trained and registered with one or several registrable bodies, IMTTA, Yoga Australian and Yoga Alliance. They share the benefits they have personally received through regular meditation and yoga practice. 

The classes are small and personalised and draw from a range of techniques and traditions.

Cost of classes, workshops and courses at The Meditation Space is kept to a minimum to cover expenses and a living wage for teachers.


Susanne Jones, Founder, Meditation and Yoga teacher

Victoria Waldron -Hahn, Yoga Teacher

Lesa Kennedy ,  Yoga Teacher

Liga Waters Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Sarah Gillet, Meditation TaiChi and QiGong Teacher

Debbie Clayton, Dru Yoga Teacher

Corine, Yoga Teacher

Jessica Greenland , TaiChi and QiGong Teacher

Dorothy Greenland, TaiChi and QiGong Teacher